We believe our homes should help us rest, relax, and thrive.



We're driven by the idea that furniture made to fit your space can help you create a better, calmer, and more spacious feeling home. 


Daily Delight

We're all about outstanding made to measure wardrobes. Furniture that will last as long as the room you put it in and make you smile a little every time you use it.

Fitd is not a traditional furniture maker. We don’t use age old techniques. Our products are not completely bespoke.


Simple Choices

We make customisable furniture. We've selected a palette of high quality materials, stressed over the details, and simplified decision making with our App. The product of an exhaustive design process, it's designed to make your life easier. In both the choosing and the using.

We design, make, sell, and install our own product; even so, our business is defined as much by what we don't, as by what we do.


Less. More.

Being online only means we save on traditional costs like showrooms, brochures, and commissioned sales people. Digital manufacturing techniques allow us to operate very efficiently. We exist to deliver you the best possible furniture at the best possible price.

Why we started Fitd

When we looked closely we discovered that too much fitted furniture and built-in storage looks good on the surface, but disappoints on closer inspection.

Low design value, and low integrity materials are easy to find. To make matters worse just getting a price from a traditional firm requires a sales visit, and can take weeks.

We set out to create something better, with instant pricing in our app and backed by our 100% money back guarantee, our Absolute and Basis wardrobe ranges are the first step on that journey.


Fitd x